2/28 free write 2

Working is something that is necessary for life. As a teenager (specifically a college student) we need to work to pay for our lifestyle and get used to the real world. However, because we don’t have degrees and cannot get professional jobs, we are stuck settling for jobs such as life guarding, waitressing, and babysitting. Most of these jobs are minimum wage jobs that have nothing to do with our career passions, especially those of us who are in college trying to get a degree for our careers we are passionate about. We are forced to take jobs we do not necessarily like doing because we do not have degrees.
This brings me to my point of my job, waitressing. It is not something I enjoy doing by any means. However, it is something I need to do to get money to pay for things in college, mainly sorority dues and other things I buy through my sorority. I work at a restaurant called Smokin’ Willy, which is a Tex-Mex place. We have to dress up in plaid shirts, boot cut jeans, and cowboy boots, which was the least enjoyable part of the whole thing. However, it is something I need to do and the tips do pay well to offset my below minimum wage pay. People can be very rude about their food and when they are unhappy about their food, they are unhappy with the waitress who gave them their food. It’s a cycle that makes me really not enjoy my job. However, it gets me good tips so I guess I can put up with it for now. And until I get my degree of Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant, I will never be passionate about my job.


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