2/28 free write

The friends I have made here at JMU will be my friends for life. I have made a few best friends here that I am very lucky to have. The girls I am talking about are Justine, Amanda, and Kerry. These girls are all in my sorority and that is how we met, but we are not only friends because we are in the same sorority. We are best friends that happen to be in the same sorority. Being in Alpha Sigma Tau is a bond that makes us even closer as best friends and sisters. We get to go to philanthropy events together, walk to chapter together, and other things that sisters do. But we are not only sisters, we’re best friends.
Another bonding factor we share is we all live in the same dorm, Eagle. I think that is why it made it easier to get as close as we are. We live at the most 1 minute away from each other (5 floors apart) so it’s really easy to just go and hang out in each other’s room whenever we want. I love living so close to my best friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have become closer in the 9 months I have been here than I am with my friends back home. It is a much different relationship with them than I have with my friends from home and it’s because of that that I know Justine, Kerry and Amanda will be my friends for life.


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