2/7 Faigley

I chose to analyze a web page on the James Madison University website. I clicked on the link for Be the Change and watched a video promoting the JMU movement for students to do something to change the world. The good thing about the video was that it was very encouraging and inspired me to want to make a change in the world. During the video it created a trigger that made me think of the way I want to help to change the world. It was visually interesting and appealing with the different fonts, graphics, and transitions between the different words. The video serves as a call to action targeting JMU students who want to make a change. They take into consideration that we are here to get a degree to build a career based on passions that we have, and they target that by reminding us how we can take our passions and change the world.

While the page does have several positives to it, something I found ineffective was the lack of information describing exactly what Be the Change is. I think to make it more informative and give details about what Be the Change is and how to get involved. I also think the video should have had words to it instead of just displaying the words on the screen with just music in the background. In many cases, students at JMU already have a rigorous academic schedule and don’t want to read more than they have to, so I think providing a voice over to read the words on screen would have made it more college student friendly. Also the words went by a little fast and there was so many so the voice over would have helped in that aspect too.

Considering all of this analysis, I think the page works as a mode of inspiration and call to action, however it does not work well as an informative page.


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