3/21 free write 2

(Warning: this is an opinion piece and is in no way intended to offend General Education course teachers)
General Education classes. There is so much I could say about them. I do understand the intention of them; to produce a well-rounded JMU student. However, I think I am already pretty well rounded in the Gen Ed courses I am required to take. I know enough about history and have taken enough math classes for my lifetime (if it weren’t for Gen Ed requirements). I really don’t think I need to know about Thomas Hobbes to achieve what I came to JMU to achieve: get a Bachelor of Science degree and become a Physicians Assistant. I don’t need to waste my time studying for unnecessarily difficult tests that have nothing to do with my major when I could be spending time enrolled in courses that will benefit my future and my career. The whole concept is slightly ridiculous to me. The Gen Ed teachers need to keep in mind that about 8 times out of 10 the students have no interest in the course they are being forced to take and they are in their class to fulfill a requirement to graduate and get the degree they really want in the classes they are actually interested in. This may sound harsh but it is definitely the way a majority of students at JMU feel. I know I’m not alone. So as I finish this paper to start studying for my ridiculously hard GENERAL Philosophy class, I will leave you with one last thought.
I wholly disagree with General Education courses.


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