2/14 Rhetorical Analysis of textbooks

This book’s intended audience is not only students, specifically college students, but anyone that wishes to read a guide about writing and improve their writing with a general knowledge of writing. This book requires a background of writing because it does not tell you the beginning basics of writing, it helps you to improve on the knowledge of writing you already have. I would use this book in situations where I need to get tips on the writing process, such as drafting, and learn how to cite and find reliable sources. A topic I am not familiar with is writing for online courses because I have never had to do that before. I am comfortable with drafting because I have been learning how to do that since I can remember. I am also comfortable with delivering presentations and evaluating sources. The background of Lester Faigley tells me the tone is an academic one and he is a trustworthy source because of his great credentials. The purpose of his text is to help instructors and students improve their writing skills in many aspects. Faigley seems to be more intimidating mainly because of the “College and Beyond” part. The word beyond is slightly intimidating. Also the picture on the cover kind of doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand what a picture of a lake with a man in a row boat has to do with writing.

The intended audience is all people who need a reference for their writing, no matter what their age. This book is useful for all level of writers because it describes basics of writing very well and in a way that you do not need much previous knowledge to use it. I would use this book in a situation where I needed a reference on how to cite certain sources or word choice and sentence style. Something I am not familiar with in this book is APA citations. This book would come in handy if I ever needed to cite in APA format. I am comfortable with grammar, punctuation, and researching. The authors of this book seem like very reliable authors whose purpose in writing this book is to make a quick and easy way to look up ways for their readers to improve their writing. This text seems less intimidating because the cover is colorful and inviting cover with user-friendly tabs.


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