4/4 free write

FOMO is defined as the fear of missing out. This is something I struggle with frequently. And being in college has only made this condition worse for me. When it comes down to deciding whether to go out with my friends or stay in and take a break from going out, going out always wins. Why? Because of FOMO. When making those decisions, I always think “What if something fun happens and I miss it and just have to hear about it from my friends?” “What if they have the best time of their lives and I’m not there to share it with them?” and the classic, “You’re only a freshman once and we only have ___ weeks left!”
FOMO doesn’t only affect me because of what the questions I create in my head, but because of my friends trying to convince me to go out with them. I hate saying no to people and the pressure that it creates on me makes me unable to say no. So FOMO always wins. But I don’t mind it because I am only a freshman once and I need to enjoy every minute of it and take advantage of it. At least I know when I look back on my freshman year I will not say, “I wish I had more fun.” Thanks to FOMO, I’m always having fun and no regrets to follow.


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