Letter to past teacher

I would like to address my senior year English teacher, Mrs. Smith (Not her real name). Mrs. Smith was a great, nice, energetic teacher. However, I feel that I really did not get much out of the class. This teacher would always give me B’s on every single assignment and would write vague comments on the side correcting me. When I would ask her about the comments and how I could improve, she really was not helpful. She could never give me specifics and never gave very good writing advice. I would always try so hard to get better than a B on my assignments but literally every graded assignment I got back was a B. I did not understand how I could be trying so hard and just getting an average grade on every assignment.
Looking back at the situation after I have taken a semester course of GWRTC 103, I guess I was lacking a good drafting strategy. And what I mean by that is I didn’t even draft at all. I think that is a place where I still need to improve in all subjects of writing. The one thing I did get out of the class was trying really hard to strive for A’s on all of my assignments. Not that I didn’t do that before, but she made me work so much harder to get an A. My senior year English teacher did not prepare me in many ways for a college level writing course.


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