Reflection of growth

I have grown as a writer in many ways this past semester in GWRTC 103. One thing that really stands out to me is the change in my process of writing. Over this semester I learned a technique that really helped me in drafting: write a shitty first draft. This technique has really helped me in the development in my writing because it has allowed me to get all of my thoughts out on paper and then worry about organizing and making them “pretty” later. I used to always think that the first time I wrote a draft for a paper it had to be just like I wanted to finished product to turn out, and that did not result in the best writing I could accomplish.
Another technique I learned to help the process of writing is reverse outlining. I had never heard of that before I came to GWRTC 103, or if I did, I had never tried it. I only knew of outlining BEFORE writing and never after I had written the paper. This technique is a great way to review the paper you have written to be sure that your paper is reading how you want it to read. Sometimes writing a paper can be tricky because you know what you want to say in your head and it sounds like how you want. However, when others read it, that could not be so clear. So reverse outlining helps me make sure I am being clear with each of my paragraphs. These techniques and many other things I have learned in GWRTC 103 have helped me greatly improve my skills as a writer over the past semester.


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